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Rising Star Apex Delivers Ear-Soothing Musical Combination for the Fans
New hip hop singer Apex has fused some ear-soothing hip hop tunes for his worldwide listeners. The smooth ambience of his song will overwhelm your mood. If you like something edgy in music, then tune into this young singer to get a real blast. A simple gathering of rhythm and sound has changed the structure of his recent releases. The fusion of synth and guitar riffs is just an awesome discovery of this artist. Apex has his own style and rhythm presented in his tracks.If you go through the songwriting perspective of this singer, then you will find the structures of his songs are really outstanding. His voice has a magic that will keep you tuned for hours. His tracks like – “Untitled”, “Therd Focus”, “Remedy”, “III Mental” and “Center 1” are worth praising. The instrumental version includes something subtle yet cool and groovy. You will enjoy the different instrumental moments in his tracks.Must listen:
Get Ready to Tap Your Feet with Feelixx’s Hip Hop Tracks
Hip hop and rap music is a genre of music developed in United States during the mid 1970’s, but it gained popularity in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Typically, Hip Hop music contains rhythmic lyrics accompanied by instrumental tracks, referred as beats. It consists of two main components rapping and DJing. Hip Hop has become one of the most popular genres all around the globe. So, if you want to get the true essence of Hip Hop music, you must listen to Feelixx’s songs. His Soundcloud profile is bundled up with some fabulous creations of rap music.21 years old Feelixx is trying really hard to establish himself in music industry with his stunning rhythmic songs. As he is very passionate about hip hop and rap music he aspires to put something unique to his lyrical tracks. So, don’t miss the chance to shake your legs with Feelixx’s surprisingly cool songs on Soundcloud.Must listen the song:
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Hip hop and rap is a music genre filled with elements that make it rise from its ordinary status. There are several influential hip hop artists but amongst them Rayband$ is noteworthy. His music is tempting and the lyrics are amazing to hear. His latest song – “Till my heart stop” is a hip hop song that is about love and loss. The emotional song has conjured several followers, likes, plays and reposts in a short while.Ray Bands is into music and rapping from the young age of 12 years. Most of his songs reflect his life and fans would be able to relate to him.“Till my heart stop” has no aggression neither it is violent. You might be surprised to listen to the song and feel your heart drop due to its emotional quotient. If you’re a hip hop and rap fan then you must listen to “Till my heart stop” and connect with Rayband$ on Twitter and Facebook.