Orthodontist & Dentist in Dubai UAEPosted: October 28, 2022 @ 8:26 am
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Ortho Dontist
Posted By: Ortho Dontist
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Ceramic braces dental treatment in Dubai UAE
Ceramic braces dental treatment in Dubai UAE.Difference between metal and ceramic braces is that the ceramic braces are made up of composite materials instead of metal. There are ceramic braces of varying transparency blending with the natural color of the teeth. There are even fully translucent ones called “clear ceramic braces” which are stain free. Many people prefer this because metal braces are visible and aesthetically unappealing.Clear ceramic braces are built using ceramic alloys which offer full transparency hence making it totally unnoticeable. Supplementing clear ceramic brackets, there are 2 types of brace wires or ties that can make them more concealed. The ties are made up of clear elastic or white metal. The metal ones provide a stronger bind but tend to lose their white colored coating over time.Visit our ceramic braces here phone no: +971043987075Address: Al jafiliya,Dubai,UAEEmail us to [email protected]
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