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When I was in my office, I got a call from Sanjay, he started saying where are you, I told him that I am in the office. He started saying when you are free in the evening, then I had some work to tell you, I told Sanjay, okay, when I will be free, I will tell you. When I was free, I called Sanjay and said Sanjay I am free, is there anything necessary It was work, he started telling me yes, it was important work, I actually had to talk to you about something. I went to meet Sanjay, when both of us met, I said to Sanjay, yes Sanjay, tell me if there was some urgent work, then he started saying that first we go and sit somewhere, after that we will talk the same thing. Read more
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türklingelAll Goliath Hybrid doorbell and indoor stations are compatible with each other. That means: It doesn't matter whether the door station is connected via 2-wire or network cable! There are hardly any limits to the expandability; further IP cameras and W-LAN cameras can be integrated.
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