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SPECIAL REPORTDISCOVER HOW OWNER-FINANCE CAN WORK FOR YOU!Dear Friend, Have you ever had bad renters? Late Payments? Damage to your property? Land lording has never been fun, especially when you have a nice home with bad tenants. Have you ever tried to sell a home and it seemed as though nobody was interested in it? The Realtor couldn’t sell it after they convinced you to list your home. You thought about renting it, but you realized that wouldn’t work due to the Land lording headaches. Now you must leave town and the home sits vacant. Your home sits vacant and you have no hope of it selling. You will probably make three or even four mortgage payments. Your insurance company could cancel your homeowner’s policy if the home sits for 30 days or more. (Read your policy!) Your home sits there with no bites and you think about reducing the price to sell it quickly. You know you need to do something NOW! Here’s the solution: Owner-Finance.LETS LOOK AT AN OWNER-FINANCE EXAMPLE… Here’s an example that we have recently done. The seller wanted $135,000, 6% Interest which makes the monthly payment $797.40 per month. (Principal & Interest) We set the term for 5 years. We paid for the insurance and property taxes. This was all set up through an escrow company to insure everyone was paid on time. Sales Price: $135,000 Monthly Payment: $797.40Interest Rate: 6% Term: 2-5 Years (Negotiable)Down Payment: $2,000We paid the seller monthly payments for 5 years and then paid the balance off in full by refinancing with a bank. The initial term is set for 5 years but could be purchased any time before the end of the term. Let’s see how the seller did:Sales Price: $135,000 – Down payment $2,000 = New Purchase Price of $133,000The seller received monthly payments of $797.40 for 5 years. They received monthly cash flow with no maintenance costs or repairs for the entire agreement. At the end of the term, the balanced owed was $123,762.45. We paid the balance off and the seller received a nice profit. The seller received $36,606.45 just in interest. Total payment for five years was $171,606.45. Much better than receiving and all cash offer 5 years earlier.SELLER BENEFITS: • Build Equity every month• No long vacancies• Safer than conventional rentals, better quality tenants• No management headaches• Receive non-refundable down-payment• No Maintenance Costs or Repairs• Tax benefitsGive us a call today and find out how we can sell your home with our Owner Finance program. If you want an alternative to the stale conventional ways of selling your home, pick up the phone and call us NOW! Our company is about RESULTS. We’re confident that our program will work for you. Call or email me, Curtis, or My Team NOW! – 833-847-4660Email: curtis@in-visionres.comVisit: