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About UsWe are BGAOC company, promoting online resources.BGAOC - team of smart people working on their own products. Some of ourproducts have already received their name in the US, Europe and South America,we continue to catch up with new products conquering new territories. We believethat creating great products requires absolute teamwork, no matter what positionyou take: every task, every pixel, every line has a meaning.At the moment we need staff for our new project - the author of SEO content, you will show the right combination of writingcustomer-oriented content, SEO know-how and creativity.Requirements:• Responsibility, creative approach to work, honesty, punctuality, perseverance.What you will have to do:• Filling the site with quality content.• Expansion of the content range.• We are looking for a person who understands and uses new technologies andsocial networks and is familiar with content management systems.• Knowledge of search engine optimization methods is a plus• Our candidate must have unconventional and compelling ideas for creating new,original content and be able to find innovative ways to achieve their goals.We offer:• Work in a dynamic company;• Young and friendly staff;• Training and career growth;• Work remotely.Salary every two weeks. The amount of salary discussed during the interview. Toapply for an interview – fill the google form. Thanks!