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Introducing Heets Teak Selection - the right choice for you! If you want the best product for an exceptional smoking experience, look no more - Heets is here to make your journey one of unforgettable pleasure. Made from natural tobacco components, these sticks are designed to provide a pleasant aroma and taste that will soothe your senses with each inhalation. Unlike burning tobacco products, Heets use a heating pin to vaporize the plug instead of burning it, while still providing its distinct flavor. Feel free to enjoy refreshing citrusy sweetness accompanied with a pleasant kick that will elate you further.
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Discover your perfect taste of tobacco with fiit – the only tobacco-heating device giving you a real taste of natural, classic, and inviting flavors. fiit brings you the highest quality tobacco leaves from top manufacturers with its innovative sticks, keeping all the natural flavor as you inhale.
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Specially designed to work with your IQOS device, heets purple provides you with the authentic and advanced experience that you’ve come to expect from a top-of-the-line electronic cigarette. These sticks of immured tobacco provide a rich flavor when combined with propylene glycerin or propylene glycol heated by the powerful battery and heater in the IQOS gadget.
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Using IQOS gives you the opportunity to enjoy smoking indoors or outdoors without worrying about health risks or effects from secondhand smoke. Feel safe, knowing that you don’t have direct contact with heat or combustion products when using this innovative product.
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